A transformational congress

“What does quality mean according to VCK? We do everything around quality except defining it.” With this nice quote of An Kint – Director VCK – all the attendants started the day with the intention to improve their skills as strategist/coach, or as we call it, as Quality Manager.

Only we had to keep extra in mind that innovation comes inseparably together with technology evolution and that this will have a crucial change in quality control and assurance.

Stephen Hacker – Transformation Systems International – delivered an inspirational message and encouraged us to embrace the transformational change.


He stressed that managing quality is important, but that hardwiring it will hurt breakthrough innovations. I believe this was an eye-opener for a lot of people at this congress, even a confronting statement, and thanks to his practical tips most people went to the parallel sessions more motivated than before.

Thank you Stephen, I as a student have no longer the purpose to become only a Quality Manager, but rather a Transformational Leader, by being resilient, creative and grounded.  

Artificial Intelligence

After a more philosophical opening, Ronny Timmermans – XeniT – introduced an example of qualitative innovation. Information control has lost a bit of its purpose nowadays, which is maintaining overview, not of the documents themselves, but of their content.

With the arrival of AI (which helps managing documents through associations) and the combination with XeniT, Ronny showed that this should no longer be an issue.

The big potential of XeniT was elaborated and indicated that its use can provide a lot more alignment in a company, just like the role of a CIO.


“How well are you equipped for transformational change?” was the name of the workshop I followed, the addition to the introduction of the day, also brought by Stephen Hacker. It basically contained a lot of self-reflection, linked to the theory behind the Transformational Leader and with a wink to the well-known quality aspects: mission, vision and values.

Beside the program, I was, just like last year, fascinated by the various insights of the people attending this congress, who I got to know during the lunch, coffee breaks and closing drink. So thank you staff members of VCK for this opportunity, it was again a pleasure to be present on this qualitative event.

Jonathan De Durpel, Master of Chemical Engineering Technology, Student Business Economics – University of Ghent

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